Heaven Beckons : Discover The Glory That Awaits You In The Afterlife


In my mind, I still can see the field of reunion, as I call it, as plain as day. People meeting loved ones who departed before they. Off they went into the interior of the current heaven, joyous and healed. The laughter of children, the smiles and facial expressions of Jesus, the drying of tears and great joy they found when entering there have all left their mark on me. May the Lord in His own way grant some of this insight to you now, in Jesus’ name.

Experience a Life-Changing Taste of Heaven

Have you ever had days when everything that could go wrong does? Are you haunted by pain from losing a loved one? Do you long for blessing and respite from your troubles?

In our fast-paced, image-driven culture, we’ve lost sight of what truly matters. We only scratch the surface of life, we only see problems, we only trust our own efforts to save ourselves or alleviate our pain. But what if we caught a glimpse of something so grand, so breathtaking, so tremendous and inconceivable that it not only completely changed how we saw ourselves, others, and the time we have on this earth–but also transformed everything about our lives?

In this stunning, detailed account, author and speaker B.W. Melvin beautifully recounts his incredible near-death experience in Heaven and meeting with Jesus, casting a vision for what awaits you and your loved ones and infusing your weary heart with renewed strength and hope in the faithfulness of God.

With riveting and humble honesty, Melvin interweaves his awe-inspiring story with biblical truth about life–now and in eternity–encouraging you to dig deeper into what the Scriptures say. Along the way, you will:

*taste the beauty of heaven now
*discover the glory that awaits you and your loved ones after death
*see your troubles in the light of God’s eternal goodness
*encounter the faithfulness and sovereignty of God
*grow in your relationship with the Lord
*experience healing in your heart
*live with freedom and joy on earth as it is in heaven

Don’t despair or let pain and troubles overwhelm you. Lift your eyes to the glory of the faithful God who does not leave us orphans in this world–and has prepared a place for us in the world to come.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780768477177
ISBN10: 0768477174
Bryan Melvin
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2024
NDE Collection
Publisher: Destiny Image

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