How Great Is Our God: Living a Worship-Led Life in a Me-Driven World


Recenter God in your life with How Great Is Our God: Living A Worship-Led Life In a Me-Driven World by Grammy Award-winning worship artist Chris Tomlin. In this intimate look at his songs, Tomlin shows how worship music is more than just music but a tool for putting God first.

Living in a me-driven world means being the king of a small, earthbound kingdom. Chris Tomlin posits that when you choose to live a worship-led life instead, you will eventually gain welcome to God’s eternal kingdom. After spending over two decades as one of the most successful worship musicians in the market, he’s learned that he wasn’t just called to sing but to lead others to God. He shows with his writing how God is all around us, encouraging us to reject the worldly notion of living for ourselves and instead decide to live for Him.

Tomlin uses his experience as a worship artist to detail what it means to truly live a worship-led life, including:

Exploring how his songs emphasize a God-centered life,
Explaining how Christians can redefine worship in their everyday lives,
And breaking down Bible verses that celebrate God’s greatness.
How Great Is Our God calls readers to remember the true meaning of worship–singing God’s praises both inside and outside of church. When you live a me-driven life, you choose to focus on yourself, but when you live a worship-led life, you choose to focus on God and others. Follow along with Chris Tomlin as he considers the importance of reshaping your world around God and laying yourself at His feet.

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Title: How Great Is Our God: Living a Worship-Led Life in a Me-Driven World
By: Chris Tomlin, Foreword by Max Lucado
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 256
Vendor: K-Love Books
Publication Date: 2024
Dimensions: 8.38 X 5.38 X 1.00 (inches)
Weight: 12 ounces
ISBN-13: 9781637633120
Stock No: WW633128


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