Message For Graduates


Biblical direction and encouragement for graduates.The Christian life is a process of becoming, and that process can begin at any time and has no point of ending in this life. Who you are today, this day, is the person Jesus invites to follow him.That said, there are transition points in every life. Graduation is such a transition point: It marks the end of one life stage and the beginning of another. The demands on your life, the complexities of your challenges, the things that bring you joy and the things that cause you stress they’re different once you’ve moved from student life to this new season.This book helps you through that transition. It is made up mostly of the words of God passages from the Scriptures that speak to this season of change, that point to the way of faithfulness, that anticipate and prepare you for the life ahead of you. The Word of God is a faithful guide to life, and a life with God is the best kind of life available. This book is meant to help you lean into that kind of life.Features Included:Getting Started” Practices at the end of each chapterTopical Index for Recent GraduatesThe Making of the Message

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SKU (ISBN): 9781641588492
ISBN10: 1641588497
Translation: The Message (MSG)
Language: English
Color: Full Color
Binding: Paper
Published: April 2024
Publisher: NavPress


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