Message Worth Dying For


Pastor Michael and Diane Meagher released their youngest child to attend Bible College in 1996, and boarded a jetliner to begin their new lives as independent missionaries among an un-evangelized tribe in the bleakest, most unforgiving wilderness on earth. They had two dollars in their pockets, two donated airline tickets . . . and one indescribably powerful God who had called and prepared them to reach precious lost souls in north-central Siberia, Russia.

They were compelled by hearts flaming with the compassion He had instilled in them and a shared faith forged in the crucible of decades of tribulation, deliverance from myriad dangers, and the forsaking of all earthly frills and baubles that might distract them from their purpose.

They were deemed unqualified and unfit by two dozen mission boards and dismissed as crazy by casual onlookers, self-appointed counselors, and even fellow soldiers of the faith.

The odds were severely stacked against them and their enemies and detractors were legion. They had no promise of financial support, no safety net, and no sanctuary. Once they set foot on that plane, there was no turning back. To an uttermost part of the earth, they were resolved to carry a message worth dying for: this is HIStory and their story …

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SKU (ISBN): 9781938624810
ISBN10: 1938624815
Mike Meagher | Diane Meagher
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2014
Publisher: Kudu Publishing

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