No Half Truths Allowed Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


When it comes to proclaiming the Gospel message, half-truths, vague notions, and generalizations can be dangerous.

In today’s Church, many people are spreading a gospel that is full of half-truths, unaware that they are believing lies about Who God is and what our roles as Christians are. Our responsibility as Christians is to dive into God’s Word and find His truths for ourselves. In this study guide, you will be directed to explore the Scriptures for yourself to find the true Gospel.

Designed as a companion piece to No Half-Truths Allowed: Understanding the Complete Gospel Message by Christine Paxon and Rose Spiller, No Half-Truths Allowed Study Guide is an interactive study guide with questions and Scriptures to help readers delve even deeper into understanding the complete Gospel message.

Though this study guide can stand alone without the book, it is designed as a supplement to give a richer and deeper understanding of the Gospel message and is easily adaptable for individual or small group study. Learning is enriched and more fun when we do it together!

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SKU (ISBN): 9781620209615
ISBN10: 1620209616
Christine Paxson | Rose Spiller
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2020
Publisher: Ambassador-Emerald International

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