Original Sin And The Fall


“What is this that you have done?”

Throughout the church’s history, Christians have largely agreed that God’s good creation of humanity was marred by humanity’s sinful rebellion, resulting in our separation from God and requiring divine intervention in the saving work of Christ. But Christians have disagreed over many particular questions surrounding humanity’s fall, including the extent of original sin, the nature of the fall, the question of guilt, how to interpret the narratives from Genesis, and how these questions relate to our understanding of human origins and modern science. This Spectrum Multiview book presents five views on these questions: Augustinian, Reformed, Wesleyan, Eastern Orthodox, and a Reconceived view. Each contributor offers both an articulation of their own view and responses to the other views in question. The result is a robust reflection on one of the most central–and controversial–tenets of the faith. Views and Contributors:

*An Augustinian View (Hans Madueme, Covenant College)

*A Moderate Reformed View (Oliver Crisp, The University of St. Andrews)

*A Wesleyan View (Joel B. Green, Fuller Theological Seminary)

*An Eastern Orthodox View (Andrew Louth, Durham University)

*A Reconceived View (Tatha Wiley, University of St. Thomas)

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J.B. Stump | Editor: Chad Meister
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2020
Spectrum Multiview Books
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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