Passion Of The King Of Glory


Part I: Jesus’ Life And Ministry
1. Life For The Dying
2. Wild With The Hope
3. Behold The Lamb Of God
4. One Hundred And Fifty Gallons
5. Destroy This Temple
6. Zeus And The Pharisees
7. Herod’s Half Brother’s Wife
8. Famous
9. Lord Of The Sabbath
10. Only Say The Word
11. The Death Of John
12. The Storm Treader
13. Bread Of Life
14. You Are The Christ
15. Before Abraham Was Born
16. Born Blind
17. The Good Samaritan
18. The Leaven Of The Pharisees
19. Lost Things Found
20. Lazarus Of Bethany
21. A World Upside Down
22. The Living Legend

Part II: Holy Week, Death, Resurrection
23. The King’s Coronation
24. Hosanna
25. The Vinedresser’s Tree
26. Indignation
27. John’s Baptism
28. The Scent Of Opulence
29. Thirteen Men
30. The Last Cup
31. Trial At Night
32. The Reckoning
33. What Is Truth?
34. Crucifixion
35. The Forgotten Day
36. He Is Not Here
37. Flesh And Bone
38. Do You Love Me?
39. Behold The Man Of Sorrows
40. Behold The King Of Glory

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“His was a ministry of incarnation-touching the infected, dining with sinners, defending the defenseless. The sick needed a physician, and the Physician had come.”Enter into the greatest story ever told. In this carefully researched retelling of the story of Jesus, pastor Russ Ramsey invites us to rediscover our wonder at Jesus’ sinless life, brutal death, and glorious resurrection. Featuring forty short chapters recounting key episodes from Jesus’ time on earth, this book expands on the biblical narrative in a fresh and creative way-giving us a taste of what it would have been like to walk next to Jesus and experience his earthly ministry firsthand.Also including The Advent of the Lamb of God and The Mission of the Body of Christ, the Retelling the Story series explores the narrative arc of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation in compelling language that is faithful to the text of Scripture. The stories are told afresh to help readers hide God’s word in their hearts by way of their imaginations.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780830843992
Russ Ramsey
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Retelling The Story
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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