Revelacion Divina Del Cielo – (Spanish)


Despues de treinta noches de experimentar las profundidades del infierno, le fueron mostradas a Mary Baxter algunas regiones del cielo. He aqui fascinadores vislumbres de la belleza y del gozo que aguardan a cada creyente en Jesucristo.

After thirty nights of experiencing the depths of hell, Mary Baxter was shown the realms of heaven. Included are her descriptions of the order of heaven, what happens to children, and the throne of God. These breathtaking glimpses of heaven will turn your heart toward the beauty and joy that await every believer in Christ.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780883685723
UPC: 630809685728
Language: Spanish
Mary Baxter
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 1999
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers


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