Rich In Years


Contrary to the popular wisdom of our ad-driven culture, pastor Johann Christoph Arnold suggests that trying to stay young is the worst way to grow old. In his eleventh book, he shows that people who accept aging and the changes it brings enjoy happier, healthier lives than those who fight against it. Arnold knows growing older is no picnic. Now in his seventies, the world-traveling writer and speaker finds himself personally facing the limitations, indignities, regrets, and unspoken fears that come with aging. But he also knows, from decades of pastoral experience, what older people can do to make the journey less daunting and more fulfilling. No pop psychology or self-help manual, Rich in Years tackles tough issues such as loneliness, disability, dementia, making peace with family, and preparing for eternity. Arnold has helped over a million readers navigate crucial life issues such as forgiving, parenting, and grieving. His books blend wisdom from the worlds great thinkers and faith traditions with stories of ordinary people. People love stories, he says. My hope is that they find themselves in my books and say, That could be me.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780874868975
Johann Arnold
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2014
Publisher: Plough Publishing House


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