Set Your Family Free


The Modern Family is Under Spiritual Attack!

The devil is contending for the souls of our children in both our society and our homes.

In an increasingly secularized culture, Children are bombarded with evil, dysfunction, and death on a daily basis. Even the family itself is a spiritual battleground, where the sins of the parents impact the next generation.

As a parent, your child’s spiritual wellbeing is your responsibility.

Bob and Laura Larson have over thirty years of exorcism experience, ministering deliverance to tens of thousands, and also, preserving a spiritually safe atmosphere in their own family unit.

In Set Your Family Free, you will learn the top ten spiritual warfare strategies parents can use to raise children who are spiritually healthy and equipped to be victorious over the devil’s attacks. These include:
*Breaking generational curses so that your children can start from a clean slate
*Speaking blessings over your children with edifying words
*Praying spiritual warfare prayers over your children
*Purposefully parenting your children by equipping them with the right warfare tools

Equip your family for battle so you can all stand victoriously against the powers of darkness!


SKU (ISBN): 9780768412246
Bob Larson | Laura Larson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Publisher: Destiny Image


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