Upward : Wesleyan Formation In Three Movements


A guide for new and longtime United Methodists. This book thorougly and methodically walks the reader through the distinctives of the Wesleyan way–the theology, practices, habits, and attitudes that characterize Methodist people. It is a book of both instruction and celebration, offering the equivalent of a course on Wesleyan living and a beautiful reminder of the ways that life is most gracious and lovely. Features:

–Clear framework with small segments; easy for readers to follow

–Practical Methodist theology for today, for real people

–The content can easily be adapted for different formats, such as articles, single chapters, and key points for Ministry Matters Exchange


–Helps readers correct misconceptions about Wesleyan theology-their own and those in their congregations

–Helps readers clarify and reclaim Wesleyan theology-or to learn it for the first time

–Gives readers the vocabulary and a helpful new framework for sharing Wesleyan theology with others

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SKU (ISBN): 9781791033071
ISBN10: 1791033075
Paul Chilcote | Steve Harper
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: December 2023
Publisher: Abingdon Press


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