Walk This Way


Forty daily readings from inspirational Christians past and present on the theme of following Jesus. Reflections from St. Augustine to Martin Luther King; from Thomas a Kempis to Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Jesus calls us to a life of radical discipleship. He invites us to follow him and learn his ways. This book provides 40 days worth of daily readings from Christians — past and present — who have walked that path with Jesus.

Here you will find insight from:
– early Christian leaders (e.g., Gregory of Nyssa and Augustine)
– mystics (e.g. St. Theresa, St. John of the Cross, Thomas a Kempis)
– Monks (e.g. St. Benedict, St. Francis)
– Reformation giants (John Calvin)
– Puritans (e.g. John Bunyan),
– Evangelicals (e.g. Wilberforce, Catherine Booth, Spurgeon)
– Novelists (Dostoyevsky) and poets (Herbert)
– Liberation theologians (e.g. Gutierez),
– Modern spiritual guides and radicals (Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Henry Nouwen, Brian McLaren)

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Editor: Stephen Holmes | Editor: Russell Rook
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Published: March 2009
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