Walls Fall Down


Using the battle of Jericho in the book of Joshua as a teaching metaphor, you learn seven steps to winning your impossible battles and how to find hope in those up-against-the-wall moments in your life.

What life circumstance has you up against a wall? The big problem that has stopped you in your tracks? The nagging little habit that robs you of joy? The emotional issue, mental block, or relational impasse that defies all your efforts to get past it?

Whatever wall blocks you from victory and freedom, you don’t have to be stuck behind it forever. That’s the heart of this enlightening and encouraging book. Joshua and his little band of Israelites listened to God, and the massive, fortified walls of Jericho crumbled before them. And the same spiritual principles that enabled them to prevail are available to each one of us today.

Dudley Rutherford draws on the techniques of biblical fiction to bring the story to life. Then he illuminates each of these seven principles-one for each day of the historic battle-and applies them to contemporary problems from depression to addiction to being overweight. The principles behind Joshua’s victory, he insists, provide the key to overcoming all our stubborn setbacks and unsolvable issues. When we choose to do things God’s way, walls crumble, victory replaces defeat, and God’s good future unfolds. As the story of Jericho vividly illustrates, “with God all things are possible.”

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SKU (ISBN): 9781400206032
ISBN10: 1400206030
Dudley Rutherford
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2014
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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