What Is A Christian Worldview


How Jesus makes sense of the world.

Everyone believes they see the world rightly. But with so many different viewpoints, it’s as though everyone were wearing different–colored glasses. How do you know which view is right?

In What is a Christian Worldview?, Graham A. Cole asks how Christians should see the world. Everyone has a worldview, a frame of reference through which we understand our experiences. A worldview must be coherent and able to be lived. So what does it look like to have a Christian worldview? And how should Christians live? Understand how to think and live in a distinctively Christian way.

The Questions for Restless Minds series applies God’s word to today’s issues. Each short book faces tough questions honestly and clearly, so you can think wisely, act with conviction, and become more like Christ.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781683595335
ISBN10: 1683595335
Graham Cole | Editor: D. A. Carson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2022
Questions For Restless Minds
Publisher: Lexham Press/Kirkdale Press


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