Why No Result


The book “Why No Result !” deals with the problem of man and the road that leads to it. It examines the different ways the divine mandate of some destinies was destroyed by the destroyer through the power of choice. Choice is one great ingredient of creation that God bequeathed to man because it is elemental to His purpose for man to dominate. This is not without some restraints because whenever God gives an instruction, He speaks of a will or a purpose. Many have lost contact with their destinies because of the particular companionship of distraction which they voyaged into.

This book explores the different ways through which a great destiny could lose contact with the results-oriented destiny listed for the great one but find so missing. It is a self-examining prospect which seeks to recoil you into the very life that was made up for you on the cross of Calvary. It deals with the great questions of destiny: where are you? With whom are you? Are you hid in the provision? Have you surrendered to the enemy? Are you dead or alive? Where is your command? A sincere self-examination would put your life in a perspective of rerouting to God’s path of fulfillment.

Detrimental companionship is the genesis of the problem of mankind from time. Where you are can determine what and how your life would be. God wants you to be where He has prepared for you. He does all for you to be in the place of destiny. He did for Adam by creating a garden of fellowship for him and his wife. When Adam failed, God drove the first family from the place. God desires that you and I should get to that place of destiny and that is the reason He has not quitted preparing a good place for you because He craves your fellowship. It is in fellowship that you can get the attention of God and this is the ring that the devil does not want you to be. You must thrive to do all you can to access this because if you do, you would so find the RESULT.

The result would not come except you take up a fellowship and exert your command which the last chapter deals with. When you have redeemed your destiny by rerouting, the demand of the destiny will place the command in your life. At this point, you would have found your feet on the victory glide. You will be able to deal with all forms of taskmasters which have bogged down your destiny because of a restored fellowship with God.

This book brings to the fore the indefatigable and all-knowing God who is unlimited in all He does. He created all thi

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Published: March 2018
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